The 2nd Code Indigo studio album. Classic ambient rock with a more rhythmic edge, and much more guitar!

Full of wonderful melodic textures, this will appeal to Electronic music, Ambient and rock fans alike.

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“Uforia… A class album from one of the classiest instrumental rock bands on the Planet” Ashley Franklin – BBC Derby, UK.

Review by CDS

For an album by a trio featuring two synth/keyboards players, a guy on guitars and bass, with all three responsible for rhythmic programming – mostly drums, this is a remarkably light and easily digested album. It is packed full of strong melodies, tunes and vast soundscapes, all delivered with an easy flow and a somewhat languid atmosphere, the whole thing adding up to a whole that is both relaxed and substantial. With touches, and I mean just touches, of “Wish You Were Here” era Floyd, and no real comparisons on the ‘Synth’ side of things to go with, all we can tell you is that this is an original – A musically satisfying and most interesting album for those of you out there that want long tracks full of great tune-led passages.

The construction of the 6 pieces features the instruments layered and developed in a manner that ensures no one passage is overdone. No single instrument is allowed to take up too much space before something else happens in the mix, and the overall feel is of deep, almost oceanic, serenity. It’s a synth album for sure, only with extra strength thanks to the electric guitars, but simply with a much greater melodic sense of invention than many others could muster. This is real crossover music that is capable of gathering fans from a whole range of genres, and should not be restricted to the world of “EM” alone.