‘The MELTdown Concert’ DVD showcases the extraordinary graphics backdrop that accompanied Code Indigo’s 2013 appearance at the E-Day festival in Holland. Code Indigo performed ‘MELTdown’ live only once, so while this DVD is not a ‘live’ DVD in the usual sense, it is an opportunity to view the graphics interlaced with live footage and hear the extended ‘MELTdown’ concert. For those who were there, this DVD will rekindle fond memories.

For those who weren’t, we hope it will give you the taste of an unforgettable audio visual experience. ‘The MELTdown Concert DVD’ presents the album in extended format. It is an original, moody and topical electronic/rock concept album and at the time of going to press it is one of the top 5 CDs in the prestigious German Schallwelle Music Award’s “Best International CD” category.

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