Live at Duisburg


“Limited Edition” CD of triumphant 1997 Code Indigo “For whom the Bell” concert in Germany.

This limit edition CD has now sold out. Now available as MP3 or Flac download

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A rather excellently recorded live album from the David Wright & Robert Fox band covering a fairly wide musical territory in terms of mood and pace, ranging from the splendors of the almost symphonic and pastoral sounds that slowly travel on some tracks, through to the positively rampant percussive rhythms and soaring electric guitar textures of others.

Everything is delivered in a very musical fashion, with an effect that generally tends to be on the pleasant side of menacing, with deep soundscapes and booming bass undercurrents around which snake-like synths and guitars slide and twist effortlessly, as the compositions slowly rise.

It’s intense yet spacious music with the presence of a fair sprinkling of sequencer work, the usual multi-layered synths of Mr. Wright and the big expansive choral effects of Mr. Fox ensuring that this is one set of music that is varied and sure to go down well with almost all synth fans everywhere. A superb companion to ‘For Whom The Bell…’ album!

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