For Whom the Bell


The highly acclaimed first album from the band 'Code Indigo' founded by David Wright and Robert Fox, considered a classic by music critics worldwide.The original Code Indigo album. Released in 1996

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“For whom the Bell… definitely a must have for any ambient love”. David G. Barnett – Implosion magazine, USA.

Review by Andy G (CDS)

This is an album that promises so much and delivers it all! It’s a 72 minute, 18 track (all inter linked) epic, featuring music you can really get your teeth into. It’s remarkably ‘modern’ sounding, thanks to the power of the rhythms, but what makes this CD so good is the sheer range of music on offer. It is all immaculately played and crafted with a superb production while the length of the tracks ensure that a good idea never outstays its welcome.

Comparisons with either David Wright or Robert Fox’s solo works are not particularly applicable because this music is unique. The album moves from space music and soaring synth and piano passages with dense wedges of crystalline soundscapes to sections with choirs, ethnic chanting, thunderous backdrops, high flying multi-layered synth¬† melodies and soaring electric guitar solos! Code Indigo band pic 2000

This album features it all!! I’d need 4 pages to do this album full justice. So, go ahead, trust me and buy it. See if I’m not right when I say that.

This is a wonderful album!

Review by Classic Rock Society (issue 70 1997)

I first heard of Code Indigo as a result of guesting on Ashley Franklin’s Soundscapes show on BBC Radio Derby recently. They were soon to appear at Derby Cathedral and having heard them I can imagine what an experience such a sound in such a venue would be.

Soundscape is a good way of describing this instrumental music which is also ambient, haunting and to a point beautiful. Obviously keyboard led with a labyrinth of sampled sound that has ethnic influences as well as some more traditional electrical energy.

Code Indigo is up there for all and sundry who look for music led by something other than a voice or a guitar.

The production is excellent!