The 4th studio album is a topical musical statement of immense creativity, power and beauty that cleverly merges electronic, ambient and classic rock music like only Code Indigo can.

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With no vocals this time out, Andy Lobbans superb guitar takes centre stage and the album has a definite FWTB ‘concept’ feel to it, mixing samples, dark atmospherics plenty of light and shade and more than a few creative surprises. Dave Massey adds majestic rhythms while Wright & Fox’s musical input has never been more striking.

A truly sensational release!

“Absolutely awesome, the most fantastic CD I’ve heard in years”. Tony C (UK)
“A ‘Must Have’ album for lovers of moody em” (Sequences, UK)
“An epic that is just SO good.” (CDS, UK)
“The finest Code Indigo album so far” (SR, UK)