Code Indigo

Electronic avant-garde Rock Band

Code Indigo @ E Live 2006

Code Indigo @ Duisburg 1997

Code Indigo @ Bungay Bash 2008

Code Indigo @ Derby Cathedral 1997

Code Indigo is one of those hard to categorise electronic avant-garde bands whose music and concept albums cross genres and has wide appeal.

The music is original, with thematic compositions, an imaginative combination of synths, keyboards, guitar, samples and rhythms plus  experimental, ambient and down tempo chill out influences. The music compares to that of a ‘Blade Runner’ style soundtrack, with Pink Floyd and Art of Noise influences.

The band was founded in 1994 by David Wright and Robert Fox. It has undergone many changes over the years with a different line-up on every release, with only David Wright involved in them all.


Code Indigo released what was reported to be its final album ‘Take the Money and Run’ in 2015 and officially stopped live performances the same year. However the band reformed in 2017 with Stephan Whitlan joining as an additional synth player for 3 farewell concerts, 2 supporting Tangerine Dream in The Netherlands and the final concert at the UK E-Scape festival.

The band is reforming with a new line-up to perform as part of David Wright’s E-Live concert in October 2023. There is the possibility of a new album in 2024.

The 2023 line up is David Wright and Stephan Whitlan (Synths & keys), DJ Bareford (Guitar) and Carys (keys and voice).



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