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Instrumental rock band, code indigo at E-Live 2006 in Eindhoven

Code Indigo - The Band

Code Indigo is one of those hard to categorise progressive rock bands whose music and concept style albums cross genres and appeal to a wide range of audiences. With strong, original melodic compositions, an imaginative combination of keyboards, guitar, samples and rhythms plus a good helping of atmosphere, experimental, ambient and down tempo chill out influences, their music compares to that of a Blade Runner style soundtrack, Art of Noise, Enigma and instrumental Pink Floyd.

The band was founded in 1995 by David Wright and Robert Fox and has undergone various changes in personnel over the years. The current line up is David Wright and Neil Fellowes on keyboards, Dave (DJ) Barefield (lead guitar), Dave Massey (rhythm, sequencing and bass programming) and Nigel Turner-Heffer on keyboards, bass and rhythm guitar.

NEWS - Live 2013 - E-Day April 6th at Theatre de Enck, Oirschot, Holland details at Groove and The Bungay Bash, Saturday June 1st at The Fisher Theatre, Bungay - details on the AD Music Bungay Bash concert page.

Coming Soon - MELTdown

The brand new studio album combines all the elements of previous Code Indigo works to present an epic new opus of electronic rock that will be released at e-day on April 6th with a specially extended live premiere.


The 1995 debut 'For Whom The Bell' is considered a seminal album, with the best selling "Code 14" continuing to feature on numerous compilations across Europe. The 1999 offering 'Uforia' was released to critical acclaim, with "Sweet like Chocolate" vocalist Sharon Woolf providing wonderful vocal textures. The 2003 release "TimeCode" has become one of Echos Radio USA "Essential top 25 chill-out albums" and the 2006 epic "Chill" continues the bands evolution to critical acclaim.

The band have also released three live albums. The 1997 Duisburg concert, the popular 1998 Derby Cathedral Concert and in 2007 the double "In Concert", featuring music from four separate concerts between 2005-2007, and considered by many fans to be Code Indigo's finest performance and album offering too date.

Code Indigo's first major concert was at the AD Music festival in 1995 and was followed by the impressive 1996 German concert in Duisburg with German synth legend Klaus Schulze. Two spectacular concerts at Derby Cathedral followed in 1997 and 1998, and the band premiered the second studio album "Uforia" at the Electric Theatre, Guildford in 1999. They didn't appear live again until the 3rd studio album Timecode was premiered at the NSC Leicester in 2003 with a new line up featuring Louse Eggerton providing exquisite vocal textures. A second NSC concert followed in early 2006 to premiere "Chill" and Code Indigo headlined the e-live festival in October and a benefit concert at the Fisher theatre, Bungay in November the same year.

Code Indigo remain one of the most prominent acts on the electronic music label AD Music, who also release the varied instrumental electronica and space music of David Wright and Robert Fox.

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instrumental electronic rock band 'code indigo' in concert at E-Live 2006

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